The land of opportunity United States was discovered by Christopher Columbus. It is said that Columbus reached in this hidden land of Pacific Ocean at August 03, 1492. It remained colonies of Britain till 1776. After getting independence United States started its journey to development, and within two centuries it became leader and strongest country of the world. USA is now world most strongest and powerful country. It has also world's strongest economy. It is the leader of the world in many fields.

United States of America consists of 50 states. Many people think that USA has 52 states, but it is misconception. They consider District of Columbia and Puerto Rico also states of United States of America. But it is not true. Washington D.C or District of Columbia is the capital city of USA and Puerto Rico is Independent Island. So actually United States of America has 50 states. 48 states are shares each other border but two states are not land connected. Alaska situated at northwest extremity of North America, it shares land border with Canada. You can only fly to Alaska directly or you would have to drive thru Canada to reach Alaska by road. Another state Hawaii is also not connected with USA. It is situated in Oceania. It is an island with many active volcanoes. But it is the most beautiful state of the USA and centre of tourist's attraction in USA and world. Washington D.C (District of Columbia) is the capital city of United States. It is called D.C in USA. The largest city of USA is New York. Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, and San Francisco are also major and important cities of United States.

United States is located in North America continent. Mexico and Canada are its neighbour countries. USA has also three kind neighbours. These are three oceans, Pacific Ocean situated in the west of United States, Atlantic Ocean situated in the east of United States and Arctic Ocean situated in the north of United States. These oceans plays major role in the economy of United States. United States consists of 9.834 million square km. it is world's third largest country of world. Its population is 326 million which is fine as compare to its area. United States has all the gifts of nature. There are many deserts, mountains, green fields, agriculture land, forests, lakes, rivers, sunny beaches, waterfall and natural sceneries in the country. United States is very beautiful and modern country. It is always feel good to live in this beautiful country.

United States has very rich history. So that it also has very ancient traditions and customs. USA is also multi cultural country like Australia. USA is also called the land of immigrants. There are lots of immigrants are living as permanent citizen in United States including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, north Americans, south Americans, Africans, Asians and many more. So these immigrants brought their culture and traditions with them in America. So it means that United States has mix or multi cultural country. Visitors and tourists like its unique and colorful culture and ancient traditions. Due to hundreds of thousands immigrants there are lots of languages spoken in United States. United States English is the national language of country and widely spoken in the country. So it can be said that there is no language barrier in United States for foreigners. However, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Hawaiian, Italian and Portuguese are also commonly spoken in most of the parts of country.

United States has world's largest national economy with the GDP US $ 17.95 trillion. It is one of the richest and wealthiest countries of the world. Its per capita income is US $ 55,836 which is pretty impressive. US ($) Dollar is its official currency, which is some of powerful currencies of the world. The unemployment rate in United States is 4.7 % which is fine. Minimum wage rate in country is US $ 7.25 per hour which is good. The living standards of Americans are very high. They are living financially a very satisfactory life. There are lots of manufacturing industries situated in United States including heavy machinery and automotive industry. And in this computer age computer software and hardware industry is also developed in the country. United States is the home of Microsoft, oracle, hp, facebook, twitter, Hollywood, apple and a very long list of companies also.

United States is the one of the popular destinations in international students of entire world. Reason is that most of the world's prestigious universities located in this country. Almost 150 universities of United States are included in the list of world's top universities. The higher education institution institutions earned this honour with their hard work, enthusiasm, modern trends in education, research and top quality education.

Over (1 Million) 1,000,000 international students are taking education in higher education institutions of United States. Which makes America number one country in the world to host the maximum number of international students. The international graduates of United States are 100 % satisfied with the education style and standards of higher education institutions of United States. The degrees awarded by universities of United States are recognized in all over the world. Graduates from USA are performing in various fields in entire world, especially in the field of science, medicine, engineering, mining, computer sciences, medical and many more. So United States is the best place for study abroad for Pakistani students.

There is no language barrier in United States for international students. English language is national language in United States and spoken in every corner of the country. International students have opportunity to polish their language skills. It is very easy to improve your language skills when everyone around speaks in English. English is business language in entire world, so fluency in English language can help you in your professional life.

The history of higher education is very old and rich in United States. In the era British colonies few educational institutes were established. These education institutions were designed as pre Cambridge and oxford universities. Harvard was started in 1636 in Massachusetts. College of William and marry was established in 1693 in Virginia. After that many schools and colleges opened in United States. Right now nearly 4500 educational institutions are serving the local and international students in United States. These educational institutions accommodate around two million local and international students every year.

There are different types of higher education institutions working in United States. Every type of education institution offer different degrees, certification and diplomas. Let's discuss some of them in detail.

These schools offer certification in some specific vocations fields. Students can take training in different vocational fields including civil engineering, dental hygienists, culinary arts etc.

These colleges offer variety of degrees and certification study programs to students in lots of study fields. Normally community colleges of United States offer bachelor's degree programs, vocational degree programs and certification etc.

There is very slight difference between colleges and universities in United States. Normally colleges offer degrees in some specific fields like some colleges offer only business degrees and some offer only engineering degrees, and universities authorize these colleges. It may be said that university in United States is a group of colleges. If a student takes admission directly in university then he would be awarded degree from college as college of science, college of business or college of education etc.

Graduate schools of United States are associated with universities and offer many level of degree programs to students. Normally graduate schools of United States offer bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctoral degree in many study fields to students. Graduate schools also offers certificate in many study fields.

The higher education institutions of United States offer several degree programs to local and international students. Let's discuss these degree programs in detail.

Undergraduate degree program is also called bachelor's degree program in United States. Almost every higher education institute of United States offer bachelor's degree program to local and international students. Normally a bachelor's degree takes 3 to 5 years to complete according to study course. There is also associate degree offered by educational institutes of United States. These associate degrees lead to bachelor's degree in USA. Community colleges offer two years associate degree programs to students. These colleges are supervised by some universities. Students of these community colleges can directly enrol themselves in that university which supervise their community college to complete their bachelor's degree. It takes two year study in community college and two year study in university to complete bachelor's degree.

There are lots of courses offer at bachelor's level education including arts, science, engineering, education, fine arts, social work, science in public affairs, philosophy, architecture, business etc. Please note that medicine and law courses are not offered in undergraduate level, these courses are available in graduate programmes only. However, you need undergraduate degree to take admission in graduate programme in medicine and law field. Bachelor's degree with honours is also available in higher education institutions of united states. Honours degree required research work also. Honour degree only offered the undergraduates students who have good grade point average.

Postgraduate degree offers to bachelor's degree holder in United States. Higher education institutions offer three types of postgraduate degrees to students. These are Professional Masters, Academic Master's and Doctoral degrees. Professional master's degree especially designed for students who want to join employment right after completing their masters' degree program.

However, academic master's degree is consists of normal academic degree which leads to doctoral degree program. Normally academic master's degree consists of 1 to 3 years according to study field. Admission in master's degree normally requires entry test. Master's degree programs include research and thesis. Research should be unique and fresh thesis is required by university. Students who have completed their academic master's degree are eligible to take admission in doctoral degree program in United States. Doctoral degree includes academic coursework, fresh idea for research and thesis etc. students have to complete their course work, after completion of course work students take exams. The successful students are called doctoral candidates. The doctoral candidates are give 3 to 8 years to complete their research work in their specific study fields. Students have to submit impressive thesis and complete research work and they also need to present and defend their thesis on all required forums. Successful doctoral candidates awarded doctoral degree. Universities also provide funds to academic and doctoral degree students for research work in their specific field.

The higher education institutions of United States are public / state funded and private. The fees of private institutes are higher than public institutes. Volume of fees does not affect the quality of education. The education quality is equal in public and private education institutions of United States. The higher education is costly in United States as compare to other countries of the world. The tuition fee of different universities is different. It depends on university and course of study. Private higher education institutes charge US $ 18000 to US $ 35000 per year for different courses. And public higher education institutes charge US $ 12000 to US $ 25000.

There are lots of scholarships available in United States for international students. The government of United States release lots of funds for scholarships every year. We can categorize the scholarship as Government Aid and University Aid. Government aid is not available for international students unless they apply for citizenship of United States. The international students who have applied for citizenship of United States are eligible for government aid scholarship. However, university aid scholarships are available for international students. These scholarships are given on country based, need based, education based, extracurricular activities based, study field or degree based and merit based etc. International students encouraged by universities to apply for their scholarships to study in United States. Financial aid office of university can help and assist you to apply and complete the process of obtaining scholarship.

Pakistani students require a visa to enter and study in United States. Students are required to apply for F-1 visa or M-1 visa to study in United States. F-1 visa is given to study in short courses and certifications. And M-1 visa is given to study in complete degree programs. The students who got acceptance letter from higher education institutions of United States can apply for visa only. All candidates form the age of 14 years to 79 years is called for interview also in U.S embassy. The visa and immigration laws of United States are strict but if candidate provides all necessary documents to embassy are awarded visa to enter in United States. USA student visa processing time depends on the completeness of your documents. The visa requirements can be vary from different students according to their degree programs and home country. Following are the America student visa requirements:

  • Admission confirmation letter from institute of United States.
  • Valid passport (it should be valid at least 6 months of your stay in USA).
  • Online non-immigrant Visa application (completely and correctly filled by candidate).
  • Certificate of eligibility for non-immigrant.
  • Transcripts or certificates of previous education.
  • Affidavit which mentioned that you will leave United States after completing your degree.
  • Financial Proof (bank statement with sufficient funds to pay fees and cost of living in USA).
These are general visa requirements.

Cost of living in United States is depend on which state of city you are living. Cost of living is varying from state to state. Cost of living in big cities is higher as compare to small cities. The major portion of living cost is rent of accommodation. And the prices and rents of accommodation in big cities of United States are very high. Especially the big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, and Boston are much expensive. The other necessities of life are economical in all parts of United States. Normally a student needs US $ 1000 to US $ 1500 to cover his complete living expense. This amount includes accommodation rent, food, local transportation, books, stationary, study material, entertainment, personal maintenance, clothing, laundry etc. It is frequently discussed on the pages of You can spend more or less according to your comfort level. We advise you to spend less on living and more on studies.

United States has also different residence options for international students.


Most of the higher education institutes provide on campus accommodation to international students. These on campus residence are called dormitories. These dormitories have lots of rooms with common bath, kitchen, living room, laundry etc. Students are provided food in campus or cafeteria also. The charges of food usually includes in semester fees. First year students normally like to live in on-campus residence. These rooms are fully furnished also. A room is given 2 to three persons of same gender. It is also most economical way of living in United States.

This is also a good residence option if you can't find place in on-campus residence of universities. The students who don't want to live in on campus residence for any reason can rent an apartment on sharing basis. Most of the universities help students to search apartments but not all universities provide this facility. Or they can ask from any class fellow to help in searching the apartment near campus. Local newspapers are also good source to find residence in your desired area. Students can rent the apartment with the help of realtor agencies. The rent of apartment is varying according to location and facilities. In big cities you would have to pay more rent as compare to small cities. It is advised to students from. Living on sharing basis is also an economical way of living. Students can cook their food in the kitchen of their apartment on sharing basis also. It will reduce the cost of food also.

If you are not habitual to live without family then don't worry. Lots of American families keep paying guests in their homes. It is good residence option for those students who are nervous to live in new country. Normally local families of United States provide furnished room, food and laundry to students. It is good way of living for students because it saves their precious time.

It is good residence option for those students who like to know about different cultures, traditions, languages and people. Students can learn the customs, traditions and language from local families. It also prevents home sickness, which is good for international students.

International students are allowed to work part time jobs during studies in United States. Students can do on-campus jobs and off-campus jobs according to their ease. Normally students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during semester times. However, there are no time restrictions in holidays for work. Students can find on-campus job. These jobs are very limited in number and only few students can avail these jobs. However, there are plenty of off-campus job in big student cities of United States. Students can find these jobs through local newspapers, notice board of campus, online job sites or recruitments agencies etc. The minimum wage rate in United States is US $ 7.25 per hour which is good pay for international students. Finding a student job in big cities of United States is not difficult for international students because there is no language barrier for them.

It is dream of most of person of the world to go and live in the land of dreams and opportunities. This dream can be come true by study abroad in United States. This beautiful, advance and modern country have many things for all the humans of world. This land of opportunities is accommodating the immigrants of entire world from centuries. The modern life style, colourful culture, vibrant & electrifying life, beautiful sceneries, natural landscapes, mountains, deserts, beaches, glaciers, frozen lakes, rivers, tourists resorts, ancients traditions and above all high quality education in world's top universities. United States has lots to offer you. Study in USA for Pakistani students is life time opportunity. It is also best country to study abroad for Pakistani students. So if you are planning to study abroad then believe us that united state is best place for you. We rate 5 out of 5 for study in USA for Pakistani students.