United Kingdom once used to call Great Britain is one of the most powerful countries of world. It used to lead the world, and still leading the world in many ways. United Kingdom is also one of the decision making countries of the world. The policies of UK affect not only entire Europe but also the entire world. United Kingdom has given lots of things to world but most precious gift is English language, which connects entire world. English language ties up entire world into one relation, humanity. It is only source of communication in world among different countries. In this hour you are reading us only because of language of The English nation. English is the language of internet, which brought revolution in all fields of world. Apart from English language United Kingdom gifted some other things to world including industries, sports, culture, manners, dressing, style, literature, theater, and most important Shakespeare. Millions of children of entire world grew up reading this great writer. William Shakespeare put lots of influence on many generations from 16th century to this date. The literature written in 16th and 17th centuries is still fresh in this age.

The United Kingdom (UK) consists of four countries England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each country has its separate identity and entity but tied up into one relation, United Kingdom. Nature has gifted lots of beauty to United Kingdom. There are many green fields, snowy mountains, green hills, islands, rivers, landscapes, natural sceneries, modern cities and many more in UK. England is also home of education. It is the homeland of many prestigious universities. It is also home of science and technology. England gives lots of modern trends in the field of architecture, electric & electronics, education, automobile, machinery, scientific equipment, surgical equipment, medical & hospital machinery and many more. It also birth place of lots of new inventions.

UK is situated in north-western coast of mainland Europe. The island of UK consists of England, Scotland and Wales. It consists of 242,495 square km. it is one of the largest countries of Europe. It has very long coastline around it. Some of the powerful and important countries of Europe are of England. France is connected with England with an under-sea tunnel since 1994. Republic of Ireland also shares border with UK. Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Netherlands are its maritime neighbors.

UK is one of big populated countries. Its population is 65,488,029 which is much population as compare to its area. But England is using its manpower positively. Britain is most literate nation in the world. It has 99% literacy rate which is awesome. English is the language of The English. I think nothing more can be said about official language of England. English language is the official language of UK and many more countries of the world.

England has very rich history. It has also ancient culture and traditions. Britain are very orthodox about their customs and traditions. There is lots of ancient and historical building in England. It is also land of many historical museums and UNESCO heritage. It kept the history of world in Madame Tussaud wax museum. Capital city London is the center of culture and traditions. UK has very colourful culture. Life style of Britain is also very colourful. British people like to party in night. Cinemas, Theatres, clubs, bars, parks, shopping malls and other public places of England always full of people in night.

England has mild climate. The weather in England is not much pleasant but it is pretty good as compare to some of its neighbouring countries. It doesn't have extreme weather but very average type of European weather. The summer of England is not too hot. The maximum temperature in summer may be 32 C. but winter of England is bit cooler, the minimum temperature falls to 0 C or bit less. Overall it has bearable temperature around the year. Umbrellas and rains are important part of life of British people. If you go England, don't forget to take your umbrella with you.

England has strong economy. It has 5th largest national economy in the world. The GDP of UK is US $ 2.849 trillion which are pretty impressive. Its per capita income is US $ 43,734 which is very good. The citizen of England are financially strong and living a satisfactory life. The unemployment rate of England is only 4.8 %. The minimum wage rate is US $ 1573.91 per month in England.

Home of world's top ranked universities is also called the land of quality education. UK is the homeland of 30% universities of the world. The land of University of Oxford and University of Cambridge has also lots of prestigious universities, colleges and school. England is most favourite country of international students. The higher education institutions of England give admission to almost 400000 international students every year. The universities of UK have very good reputation in the world. You can meet the student of every country in England including American, Australians, new Zealanders, and Europeans. There is no language barrier for international students in England. Obviously the medium of education is English language that's why most of the students of the world like to study in England. This land of education has 1000 years of academic experience. England is the home of some of the oldest universities of the world. The teaching method of higher education institutions is very impressive and unique. The 19 universities have got 5 star teaching rating which is also a unique record. Research is the basic element of the education system of England. Research is involved in all study programs and study fields in UK. 38 % of noble prize winner studied in UK. I think PakStudyAbroad.com has given you the answer of your question, “Why Study in UK”?

The education system of UK is based on very strong education values. The higher education institutions of UK offer quality education to the students. There are different studies program offer to students in many study fields in UK. The world famous universities of England are assurance of top quality education. The education system of UK gives maximum ease to students. Professors encourage the students to ask question and give them practical assignments and group projects. The environments of universities are student friendly. The government of UK publish the list of universities and colleges which are recognised. This list is issued for the ease of students to choose appropriate higher education institute according to their study need. These universities and colleges which are named in the list are called recognized bodies. These recognized bodies higher educational institutes offers different degree programs to students. While some of universities and colleges are named listed bodies. These listed bodies higher education institutes offer courses which leads to degree programs. Student who takes admission in listed bodies take classes in listed bodies institutes but exams are given by any recognized body university which also award the degree to successful students.

The higher education institutions of UK offers different study programs in lots of study fields. There is lots of course available in UK for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. The higher education degree completes in three years in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. But it takes four years in Scotland. Students can enrol for bachelor's degree program, master's degree program or doctoral degree program in higher education institutions of UK. Admission requirements for higher education institutions are varying from university to university and course to course. PakStudyAbroad.com is giving you some general and fundamental admission requirements to Pakistani students.

A bachelor's degree program is also known as undergraduate course or first degree in England. Pakistani students who have completed their secondary school / intermediate course have to take admission in international foundation course in UK. After successfully completing international foundation course Pakistani students can take admission in bachelor's degree program. However, the students who have completed their 2 or 3 years bachelor degree with 60% marks are exempted from international foundation course to take admission in undergraduate program in higher education institutions of UK. The students who have completed A-level studies are also exempted from international foundation course to take admission in undergraduate program in higher education institutions of UK.

Master's degree program is also called postgraduate course or second degree in UK. Pakistani students who have completed 4 year bachelor's degree with minimum 60% marks or CGPA 2.6 to 3.3 out of 4 are eligible to take admission in postgraduate course / master's degree program in UK. Pakistani students who have completed their M.A/MSc 16 year program are also eligible to take admission in master's degree program in England.

The higher education institutions of England doctoral degree program in many study fields. Pakistani students who have completed their postgraduate course with impressive CGPA are eligible to take admission in PhD program in England. Doctoral degree is mostly based on research and practical experience. Students are required good research work and impressive thesis which can be defended at any public forum.

Fees of higher education institutions of England are varying university to university and course to course. There is huge difference in fees of different study programs and courses. Normally fee of higher education institutions starts from £ 8000 to £ 37000 per year for different study programs and courses. However, PakStudyAbroad.com segregate some course's fee for you ease.

  • TUITION FEES FOR CLASSROOM BASED COURSES IN UK FOR PAKISTANI/INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Bachelor's degree program: £ 10000 to £ 16000 per year. Master's degree program: £ 8000 to £ 29000 per year.
  • TUITION FEES FOR LABORATORY BASED COURSES IN UK FOR PAKISTANI/INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Bachelor's degree program: £ 12000 to £ 26000 per year. Master's degree program: £ 11000 to £ 35250 per year.
  • TUITION FEES FOR CLINICALLY BASED COURSES IN UK FOR PAKISTANI/INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Bachelor's degree program: £ 30000 to £ 37000 per year. Master's degree program: £ 11400 to £ 39000 per year.
  • TUITION FEES OF HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS FOR PHD PROGRAM IN UK The tuition fees of doctoral program are also varying from university to university and course to course. However, student can be charged £ 11000 to £ 30000 per year for three year doctoral degree programs in England.

There are lots of scholarships are waiting for you in England. If you are an intelligent student with impressive academic record then you have big chances to get scholarship to study abroad in UK. Government of UK gives numbers of scholarships, study grants and financial aids to intelligent and needy students. These scholarships and study grants are given for different study stages and courses. Like Chevening Awards given for postgraduate and doctoral research, Erasmus programs is given to all degree programs, Euraxess UK is given only to researcher for research in UK, Royal Society grants are given to postdoctoral research in UK and Newton fund is given only to science students to study and research in their specific field. Students who are willing to get scholarship to study abroad in England are advised to visit scholarship websites of UK and find their share of scholarship.

Pakistani students are required visa to enter in England. Students are advised to apply for visa with British embassy / British consulate immediate after confirmation for admission in higher education institution in England. Students may be asked for different documents according to their admission by British embassy. PakStudyAbroad.com is providing you some general visa requirements.

  • Valid passport
  • Financial proof / Bank Statement (with sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees and cost of living).
  • Parents / guardian consent certificate for less than 18 years students.
  • Form B for Pakistani students.
  • Health / medical certificate.
These are only general visa requirements. British Embassy can ask different or more documents according to study program / course from different students. PakStudyAbroad.com advises you to visit official website of British Embassy to get exact information for visa.

Cost of living in England is economical except London. Yes, London is an expensive city. Students need more money to live in London as compare to other cities of England. Cost of living depends on the rent of accommodation also. Rent of accommodation depends on its size, facilities and location. Other basic necessities of life are much affordable. However, international students can live in £ 600 to £ 770 per month. This average cost of living includes residence rent, food, local travelling, books, stationary, study material, personal maintenance, entertainment, clothing, laundry etc. It is estimated cost of living which is provided you by PakStudyAborad.com. Mostly cost of living depends on your living style and habits. You can spend less or more on your living according to your comfort and bank balance.

You have variety of living options in England. You can live in halls of residence of your higher education institute or rent your own flat / apartment or rent a flat / apartment sharing with other students or can live as paying guest with local family. Choice is yours. Let's discuss some residence options in detail.


    Almost every higher education institution offers accommodation to students. These accommodations are called Hall of Residence. These halls of residence are located near or with university's campus. Living in hall of residence is most economical way of residence. The rooms of hall of residence are clean and well furnished. Normally students are given separate washroom, common kitchen, common living room etc. in hall of residence. These rooms are fully furnished. Mostly rooms are furnished with bed, closet, study table, chair, curtain, lights etc.


    If you can't find place in halls of residence of university for any reason or don't want to live in on campus residence then you can rent your private residence. This way of living is expensive. As you know the rent of accommodations increased in big cities of world within last few years so that in England. Normally rents are charged according to condition, facilities and location of flat or apartment. It is advised to international students to visit flat / apartment before confirming it. Normally pictures of flat or apartments given on internet are not same like actual condition of it. So be careful to rent a flat or apartment in abroad.


    It is good option to live in any student city of world, if you can't find a place in hall of residence. Lots of students rent a flat or apartment in sharing with other students. By this way of living you can save your precious money. Normally a flat or apartment is rented by 3 to 4 students. So rent of flat will be divided among 3 to 4 students. And you and your room mates can cook your own food at kitchen of your residence. It will save your money too. This way of living is also very interesting and full of fun because you can live with different countries people. By living with them you can learn about their country's culture, traditions, way of living and languages. PakStudyAbroad.com advises you to rent accommodation in sharing instead of rent your own apartment.


    If you are keen about different cultures and traditions of world then you should live as paying guest in England with some local family. It is also very economical way of living. Normally as paying guest you are provided a furnished single room with food and laundry. You can save your important time by living in this style. The time you would spend in cooking food, cleaning room and washing clothes can be utilized in studies to make your grades better. Good academic record always helps you in your professional life.


    Students who have stamped Tier 4 visa on their passport are allowed to work part time jobs in UK with some restrictions. All students who got admission in degree program and have Tier 4 visa can do 20 hour per week work during their studies. But if you got admission in some course and have Tier 4 visa then you can work for 10 hours per week. It is advised to students that never try to work more than allowed hours. The UK laws are very strict about this regard. The minimum wage rate in UK is different for different age group. The students who are less than 18 years than you will get £ 4.05 per hour. And the students who are between 18 years to 20 years 18 years will get £ 5.60 per hour. If you belong to 21 to 24 year age group than you will be given £ 7.05 per hour. And if you are above 25 years than you can get £ 7.25 per hour. Students can work full time during holidays.

Land of University of Oxford and University of Cambridge is always attractive for students from all over the world. High quality education system of England has lot of charm for international students. The prestigious universities are attracting the students from ages. Living and studying in England is also very attractive for students. Although, the fees of higher education institutions of England is expensive but if you compare it with quality of education then you it is affordable. Cost of living in England is also fine as compare to other student cities of Europe. Study in UK for Pakistani students is possible if you have good academic record. lf you get any chance to take admission and study abroad in UK, BMR will advise you to avail it at once. We rate 5 out of 5 for study in United Kingdom.