One of the Europe's most beautiful country Hungary is situated in the central Europe. Hungary is landlocked country and surrounded by Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. Hungary has lot of attraction for tourists, its capital Budapest claims world's top beautiful capital. Its heritage sites pull the tourists from all over the world.

Lake Heviz world' second largest lake is a gift of nature to Hungarian people; Lake Bolton is Central Europe's largest lake is also situated in Hungary. Most of the tourists goes to Hungary to visit hortobágy park, which is one of the biggest natural park consist of 800 square kilometers. Hungarian or Magyar is Hungary's official language which is spoken in some other countries of the world also, Hungarian speaking people can be found in Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Australia, united states etc. In Hungry more than 10 million people speak Magyar. River Danube and River Tisza is longest river of Europe flow in Hungry. Europe's largest lake, Lake Balaton is almost 598 square Kilometers, the beauty and charm of this gorgeous lake mesmerize the tourist of the world, scenery of Lake Balaton is a different experience, it can be said that it is scenery to be seen forever. Hungary is also can be called land of parks, it has 10 natural and largest parks, the natural scenes and fresh air of these parks give you feel of freshness. Apart from longest rivers, natural parks and beautiful lakes, you can find over 2000 kinds of flowers in Hungary, which makes its scenery more colorful and fragrance.

While talking about higher education, Hungary is most valuable place to study. Its oldest universities are providing quality education to knowledge seekers from 600 year. The oldest university of Pecs was started in 1367, it is also Hungary's first university. Hungary has 67 universities and colleges which are funded by state, Church and some private organizations.

Higher education institutions of Hungary follow the Bologna process which is Europe's combined higher education process. The higher education system of Hungary is especially designed to improve the professional skills of students. The research based universities programs helps students to improve their knowledge and skills. This system provides the world top class professionals to the all sectors of employment in the world.


Keeping in view Bologna process Hungarian higher education system is divided into three cycles:

  • Bachelor's Degree: (First cycle)
    Bachelor's Degree consists of 6 to 8 semesters with the 180 to 240 ECTS credit points which complete in 3 to 4 years.
  • Master's Degree: (Second Cycle)
    Master's Degree consists of 2 to 4 semesters with the 60 to 120 credits points which completes into 1 to 2 years.
  • PhD / Doctoral Level Degree: (Third Cycle)
    In Hungary, higher education institutions give more importance to doctoral programs. All doctoral level programs are based on research system. PhD programs are normally completed in four years.

In Hungary ECTS also known as European Credit Transfer System is followed. This system provides quality learning, impressive teaching and common standard to all European Higher Education system.

In Hungary, all students are given a Diploma Supplement (DS) after completion their studies or degree in Hungary since 2003. All the information about the qualification of study programs and brief description of subjects taught to students is given on Diploma Supplement. This Diploma Supplement is provided to students without any fee by higher education institutions.

Admission in Hungary's higher education institution is not competitive. By providing Secondary school leaving certificate/ intermediate certificate + 1 Year university education Pakistani students can take admission in bachelor level degree program. And after completion of bachelor's degree from any university of world students form Pakistan can take admission in master's program in Hungary's universities. However, some programs required entry test. To check the admission detail for Pakistani students, you should visit the study in Hungary website for your desired study program. If you are finding difficulty about admission information of your desired study program, you should contact to National Higher Education Admission Office for detailed information.

Semester schedule for autumn is as follows: Admission and signing up for courses finished at 15 September. Term starts from 16 September to 15 December. Exams held from 16 December to 31 January. These dates are average schedule of Hungarian universities, exact study time table can be checked from universities website.
Semester schedule for spring is as follow:
Admission and signing up for courses finished at 15 February. Term starts from 16 February to 15 May. Exams held from 16 May to 30 June. These dates are average schedule of Hungarian universities, exact study time table can be checked form universities website.

Fees of different universities is different, it varies from university to university, it depends on course or study program, normally it starts from Free to $ 5500 per year, and if you choose some course like medicine then you will be charged approx US $ 16900. For detailed fees structure go to university's website, select your desired course and fees in detail.

The living in Hungary is not much expensive than other European countries. If you are a Pakistani student then you can live easily in US $ 200 to 300 per month, it includes your accommodation rent, food, travelling and entertainment like outing or night out. Due to capital city and most populated city cost of living can be bit more in Budapest, normally accommodation rent starts from US $ 340 per month in Budapest.

No IELTS required

Visa is required for Pakistani students to enter and stay in Hungry. Visa can be taken from Hungary's embassy or consulate. Having visa of Hungary allows you to visit all Schengen countries, so Hungary embassy demands all the necessary travel documents along with the university's admission confirmation letter. Applying visa for Hungary you will have to give proof that you can bear all the expenses during stay in Hungary like air ticket, accommodation in Hungary, daily routine travelling expanses, food, health insurance etc. Normally a bank statement is required as financial proof in which you should have sufficient amount to meet all above expenses. By getting visa for Hungary you are allowed to stay in Hungary up to your study period.

However, professional and skilled person from all over the world including Pakistan are given a biometric document named EU BLUE CARD, which gives the right to card holder to live and work in all over the Europe and enjoy the full rights and benefits equal to European citizen, this Blue Card is issued for one year to four years, after four years' card holder can extend his stay in Hungary or Europe if he desired to stay. After completion, their study in Hungary student also can apply for EU Blue Card.

Yes, students are allowed to work as part time to meet their daily expenses. Students are allowed to work maximum 24 hours in a week during term time. It helps student not only to cover their daily expenses but gives them practical experience in their specific field.

Forint is used as currency in Hungary. Forint name is taken from Florence city which is home of golden coins from 1252. Watermarked bank notes are issued like 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 and 20000, these notes have security strip which is made of thin metal. Apart from currency notes, coins are also issued in hungry, you can find coins of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 forints. Students can open a bank account; this non-residential bank account is designed for foreigners in Hungary. To open this non-resident bank account, you need to show your passport at bank and you can open Forint bank account or foreign currency bank account.